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David Condon Inc.


David Condon, Inc.
David Condon started collecting antique firearms at the early age of 7 purchasing his first two guns from Herb Glass Sr. in 1949. He started dealing in 1957. He founded C&N Guns in 1959 that became subsequently the Winchester Gallery in 1975, and thereafter David Condon, Inc. in 1979. He started his mail order catalog business in 1979, and opened his retail store in Middleburg in 1983. Today his is one of the oldest and most respected dealerships in the field. With over 100,000 antique and collector arms sold to-date.
We count among our clients many museums, foundations, estates and active, private collectors.
We are appraisers and consultants to:
        The Smithsonian Institute
        The NRA National Firearms Museum
        The National Park Service
        The Society of the Cincinnati
        U.S. Treasury Department
        U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency
        U.S. Dept. of the Interior
        The Jimmy Carter Institute
        The Ronald Reagan White House
        The George Bush White House
        The Commonwealth of Virginia

David is a member in good standing of  many arms collecting organizations that include:
        Arms & Armour Society
        Armor & Arms Club of NY
        Ohio Gun Collector’s Association
        Texas Gun Collector’s Association
        NY State Arms Collector’s Assoc.
        PA Gun Collectors Assoc.
        PA Antique Gun Collector’s Assoc.
        Colt Collectors Association
        Remington Collector’s Association
        Winchester Collector’s Association
        Forks of the Delaware Weapons Collector’s Assoc.
        Collector Arms Dealers Association(former director)
        Company of Military Historians

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